Dental Extraction Process

Dental Extraction Process

July 31, 2019


Tooth Extraction

Dental extractions are among the easiest and best ways to get relief from a problematic tooth. As the name implies, an extraction consists of removing a decayed, impacted or damaged tooth. If the pulp of the tooth has died or has become severely infected, receiving an extraction might be your best option to correct those issues. The dentist can perform either a simple extraction or a more complex extraction, depending on the severity of the tooth’s condition.

Tooth Extraction Process

Simple extractions are the most common in the world of dentistry.  During a simple extraction, the dentist will remove the tooth by loosening the gums around the socket. They will grasp the tooth with forceps and move it from side to side until they can get it to break free from the socket and remove it.

Your teeth are held to the bone by a thin piece of soft tissue.  This soft tissue is known as the periodontal ligament.  The dentist uses this tissue to remove the tooth.  As previously stated, the key to removing a tooth by pulling is to rock the tooth from side to side, which enlarges the socket in the bone and breaks the ligament that helps to hold the tooth in place.

Simple extractions don’t take long to complete. Your dentist will most likely numb your mouth (or just around the operation area) before they start, this is so you won’t feel any discomfort during the treatment.  Depending on the tooth, pulling it will normally take just a few minutes after you have been numbed with local anesthesia.

Post-op instructions

Once the operation is completed, the dentist will place gauze in your mouth to bite on to reduce any excessive bleeding. Your dentist will then give you specific post-op instructions. These instructions are tailored around your unique medical and dental needs. After your instructions are given, you will be free to go. Be sure to schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure everything is working as it should.

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