Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

October 7, 2019

Replace a Missing Teeth


There is a considerable amount of people that deal with disappointment, discomfort and decreased self-esteem that is caused by missing teeth. Obliviously, there are numerous causes of lost teeth. For instance, some people lose teeth because of an injury, others because of decay or oral infections. In the event that you happen to be missing a tooth and don’t think it is important to replace it, we at Smiles by Hogan have outlined a couple of reasons you might want to reconsider that thought and how dental implants would be a great treatment solution.

The Concerns of Missing Teeth

After some time, missing teeth can increase your chances of sustaining more dental issues. As the space left from, the missing tooth remains open, your surrounding teeth will begin to shift leading to jaw misalignments. This can totally impact the look of your smile by causing straight teeth to end up appearing slanted. In the event that you permit a periodontist such as Dr. Kevin Hogan to supplant a dental implant in that spot before shifting occurs, teeth shifting will no longer be an issue.

Missing teeth also increases your odds of developing gum disease and tooth decay to your remaining teeth. As the teeth move over time, it becomes harder and harder to reach certain spots in your mouth to keep it clean. If you happen to go a very long time without reaching a spot in your mouth, it is increasingly defenseless to bacteria and infection.

An unreplaced tooth will cause a change in your overall appearance as well. Since your tooth’s root helps in the structural integrity of your Jawbone, when that root is gone, the bone has no motivation to recover and may disintegrate shortly after. Dental implants are surgically applied within the jawbone, allowing you to keep your normal face shape without any worries of bone degeneration.

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