What to Expect with Full Mouth Dental Implants

What to Expect with Full Mouth Dental Implants

August 26, 2016

Dental implants give individuals the full function of their mouths. Full Mouth Dental Implants are a newer dental implant option that act like permanent dentures.  Our dentist, Dr. Kevin Hogan in Mt. Pleasant, SC can perform this procedure and offers the most up-to-date oral health options for patients. If you are considering this procedure, there are a few things that you should expect.

The Implants

As the name indicates, four implants are placed into the jaw bone to secure the permanent dentures. After a while, these implants become attached to the bone, which helps to keep them in place and secure the implants for years to come. This allows individuals to enjoy the functionality of real teeth and all that comes with that.

The Process

To complete the process, the dentist must first place the Full Mouth Dental Implants into the jaw bone. To make them most effective, the areas with the highest bone volume are selected. Once the implants are in, a temporary denture is set into place. This acts as support until the implants are able to settle. After the implants are fully integrated into the bone, usually in about three to six months, the permanent dentures are anchored into place. The dentist reviews proper care procedures with the patient, and the process is complete. With the right care, the Full Mouth Dental Implants can last for many years.

The Results

Recipients can fully enjoy their favorite foods without worrying about particles getting stuck between their dentures or the dentures falling out. Cosmetically, individuals gain a beautiful, long-lasting smile, which can boost their confidence and enhance their overall quality of life. Patients also have a shorter care routine to perform, which increases the chances of individuals being able to properly maintain the implants themselves for a longer period of time.

With Full Mouth Dental Implants there are many positive things that you can expect. If you are considering implants, consult with your local dentist in Mt. Pleasant, SC. As an established professional dedicated to the oral health of his patients, Dr. Hogan would love to assist you. To schedule an appointment, contact the office today.

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