We Cater To Even the Youngest of Smiles with Children’s Dentistry

We Cater To Even the Youngest of Smiles with Children’s Dentistry

March 26, 2014

Though many people may not know it, a child’s teeth are just as important, if not more so, than an adult’s. Because their smiles are young and new, there are a lot more incidents where decay can take place. Some children may not understand the importance of good oral health, which is why we want to make sure your child is on the road to success. Luckily, Dr. Kevin Hogan understands the importance of your child’s smile, and he is able to do so by offering children’s dentistry to his patients!

One of the most important things about children’s dentistry is to establish healthy habits early on.  When you show your child the proper way to take care of their smile from an early age, it gives them the opportunity to carry those healthy routines with them throughout their years. When your child comes in for their first appointment, it will give them the chance to get used to the lights and sounds of sitting in a dental office.

We will also provide your little one with dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Dental sealants are placed on the back teeth, and act as a guard against bacteria making your child’s tooth its new home. Fluoride treatments are especially important, as it acts as a magnet for minerals to keep your child’s teeth beautiful and strong! All of the efforts Dr. Hogan and everyone else at Park West Dental makes is to ensure that your child has the greatest chance for a healthy smile!

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