Oral Health is Linked to Overall Health

Oral Health is Linked to Overall Health

July 8, 2015

You may be surprised to know that your mouth is a window into your overall health and well-being. Recent research has shown a link between the health of our mouths and the health and strength of our bodies. Since most dental patients tend to visit the dentist more often than a regular healthcare provider, a dentist can usually spot potential signs of a serious health issue before anyone else. Dr. Kevin Hogan is proficient in detecting signs of gum disease, and many other major health concerns. If you are concerned about gum disease, consult with Dr. Hogan to learn more about an effective treatment method called LANAP®.

Oral Health Problems Can Lead to Bigger Problems

It is important to practice good daily oral hygiene to ensure your mouth and gums are strong and healthy. That means brushing at least twice daily and flossing every single day. If you are concerned that your oral health problems may be linked to bigger health concerns, you might be right. Consult with Dr. Hogan to determine the best way to clear up periodontal disease and other oral health concerns. Here are a few warning signs to be aware of:

Bad Breath

The main culprit of bad breath is typically bad oral hygiene, but if you regularly brush, floss and visit with Dr. Hogan then it might be caused by another culprit, like your stomach or liver. See a physician immediately to determine the exact cause.

Receding Gums

While receding gums are often a sign of gum disease, they can also be a sign of osteoporosis. This is especially true for post-menopausal women.

Canker Sores

Constant canker sores can be a sign of gluten intolerance or even a mineral deficiency.

Gum Disease

Typically, gum disease is attributed to poor oral hygiene practices, but if you have great oral hygiene routines then it might be a sign of diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Dr. Hogan is able to treat gum disease with a minimally invasive procedure called LANAP®.

Contact Us Today If you are concerned about your oral health, or fear that you might have gum disease, give Dr. Hogan a call today. LANAP® in Mount Pleasant, SC is an effective treatment method that requires little downtime and very minimal discomfort. To learn more about LANAP®, give our office a call today at (843) 639-5044.

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