Missing Teeth Means Missing Out On So Much More

Missing Teeth Means Missing Out On So Much More

October 2, 2018

There are many reasons why a person may have missing teeth, but there is one thing for sure about such a situation: Having missing teeth could make you miss out on much more than you realize. Many people put off treating a tooth that has fallen out because they worry about the cost of seeing a dentist. At Smiles by Hogan, Dr. Kevin Hogan and our team strive to help patients achieve their smile goals with affordable options. Here are some other reasons you should get missing teeth treated right away.

Having Missing Teeth Restricts Your Options

If you have large gaps in your teeth because some are missing, you may have trouble speaking and eating. These gaps could also make your teeth more sensitive, increasing the difficulty of finding appropriate foods and even drinks to consume. Changing the way you speak and eat could also impact how your jaw functions, leading to pain and other issues.

There Is Also a Negative Impact on the Rest of Your Mouth

Although you may think your missing teeth are the only ones affected, the truth is that any teeth that are next to such a gap are also at risk of falling out. In addition, your jaw bone may start to deteriorate over time because it lacks the support provided by the roots of the missing teeth. This can ultimately lead to losing more teeth and changing the shape of your face.

What You Can Do To Reclaim Oral Function

Dr. Hogan offers a number of procedures to restore the function of your mouth. For multiple missing teeth, for example, Full Mouth Dental Implants can provide a stable way to speak and eat, all while supporting the jaw to prevent atrophy and other problems.

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