Making Sense of Crowns Versus Veneers and Why They Are Used

Making Sense of Crowns Versus Veneers and Why They Are Used

July 18, 2017

If a tooth has become unhealthy and needs to be removed or you have chipped the surface of your enamel, a dentist in Mt. Pleasant, SC will probably recommend getting veneers or crowns to restore a natural and appealing look to your mouth. Although they are both types of prosthetics that are used for cosmetic reasons, there are some differences between each.

The Basics of Dental Crowns

Often used to give additional strength during instances of severe decay, crowns cover the entire surface of a tooth. Also, because they are very durable and can tolerate repetitive forces, crowns are often applied to teeth that are used for biting and chewing. After a crown is applied, it can change the color and shape of a tooth. The application process requires a dentist to grind down the majority of the tooth that resides above the gum line.

What You Need to Know About Porcelain Veneers

Whereas crowns can help rebuild teeth and strengthen their structures, a person who gets porcelain veneers is likely taking that approach for reasons that are solely appearance related. Like crowns, veneers can change a tooth’s shape and color but they only cover part of it and are not strong enough to withstand a lot of force.

Porcelain veneers are bonded to the front side of teeth and dentists do not have to grind down the back portions at all. There are also some veneer application techniques that do not require grinding of the tooth. Veneers are also extremely thin compared to crowns.

If you think you are in need of veneers or crowns, contact us and make an appointment to see Dr. Kevin Hogan. He can assess your oral health and make trustworthy recommendations about how to maximize the functionality of your teeth while promoting a healthy smile.

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