Let Our Team Help With Your TMJ Pain

Let Our Team Help With Your TMJ Pain

January 22, 2014

TMJ pain affects millions of people, forcing them to live with piercing pain and constant uneasiness. Although you may think nothing can alleviate you of your pain, as part of our family dentistry practice, Dr. Kevin Hogan is able to help.

The TMJ, temporomandibular joint, is a small joint located where the lower jaw meets the skull. There are many things that can cause TMJ pain such as grinding teeth, arthritis, and the joint itself. A few of the side effects include earaches and not being able to open your mouth all the way. One way to help with your TMJ pain may include wearing a mouthguard. The mouthguard prevents your teeth from grinding as well as clenching your jaw. Because every person is different, so should the mouthguards. The mouthguard will be custom made specifically for you, and is a wonderful step in relieving you of your TMJ pain.

Another form of treatment for TMJ pain is by performing jaw exercises. Over time, the exercises will give you the ability to control your jaw muscles, ceasing the clenching.

If you feel as though Dr. Hogan is able to help you with you TMJ pain, or you have any questions about treatment options, make an appointment at our office, and our experienced and knowledgeable team will be ready to help you with anything you need!

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