How Can Laser Gum Surgery Help Me?

How Can Laser Gum Surgery Help Me?

June 6, 2019

If gum disease is left untreated for long enough, it can require more than just a simple cleaning and checkup to keep it under control. Your dentist in Mt. Pleasant, SC, may even recommend laser gum surgery to reverse some of the adverse effects of advanced gum disease, such as the start of a receding gum line. Dr. Kevin Hogan is trained to treat gum disease with laser tools, but patients of Smiles by Hogan still ask if laser gum surgery will help them.

Treat Diseased Tissue Without Harming Healthy Tissue

Traditional gum surgery requires incisions that may cut through healthy gum tissue in order to reach and remove the diseased tissue. This can damage healthy tissue and even require more time to heal. Laser gum therapy uses a special tool that targets the diseased tissue without hurting the healthy tissue. This means less damage to the surrounding tissue for you.

Experience Less Pain Than Traditional Surgery

Although the laser is still essentially “cutting” away the diseased tissue, it does not make an incision in the traditional sense. This also means it is less painful than the traditional method of gum surgery and the recovery time is shortened considerably. Whereas you may have needed to take off several days for recovery with traditional surgery, you can get back to your normal life in as little as a day with laser surgery – less than 24 hours in some cases.

Stimulate Bone Regeneration and Save Natural Teeth

Laser gum surgery also helps to stimulate bone regeneration. Not only is this good for strengthening your gums, but it has the potential to save the natural teeth surrounding the affected area. The teeth around a badly affected area are at a higher risk of falling out, but the stimulation from laser treatment may help to save those teeth.

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There are many benefits to laser gum surgery for those who need it. To learn more and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hogan, contact our office right away.

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