How Tooth Extractions Help Stop Toothaches

How Tooth Extractions Help Stop Toothaches

February 10, 2020

How a Tooth Extraction can help a toothache

If you are maintaining discomfort associated with a tooth, you should seek dental attention. Toothaches can be a sign of many different oral issues, but commonly can be solved by a filling or a tooth extraction. Extractions are a procedure commonly practiced by dentists because they are a necessary treatment for many cases. While they are routine for a doctor, patients usually need guidance on how to properly take care of the site. It is very important the wound is taken care of and cleaned so that it can heal properly. 

Depending on why you need an extraction, you may be provided with a sedation method or a numbing shot that will be placed at the extraction site. This will allow you to experience maximum comfort while the procedure takes place.

When dealing with wisdom teeth removals, you may need more direction on how to properly take care of the site. It is typical that a blood clot forms in the tooth socket. Try to avoid smoking, rinsing your mouth briskly, or drinking through a straw, as these things may dislodge the clot, causing more pain and potential infection. To take care of the clot, it is important to rinse your mouth gently with salt water, which will clean the wound and to eat soft cold foods. Cold foods, such as smoothies are nutritious in value and will aid in the swelling.

If your tooth removal is a basic tooth, there will be minimal direction, as you should be able to clean your mouth and continue with your routine oral hygiene process. 

Tooth extractions may take place for many reasons. While they may be unavoidable, especially in the case of wisdom teeth, to protect yourself from needing an extraction, practice good oral health. Brushing your teeth and flossing on a routine basis will allow you to maintain a healthy mouth, and strong teeth and gums. 

Contact your dentist for a consultation if you believe you are experiencing any toothache pains that may result in an extraction. 

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