How Root Canals Can Save Your Teeth

How Root Canals Can Save Your Teeth

December 25, 2013

Contrary to popular belief, root canals alleviate pain, not cause pain. An infected tooth not only causes an immense amount of pain, but can be expensive if nothing is done to make it better. At Park West, we want to make sure we take care of all of your dental needs, and Dr. Hogan is able to do just that!

Having a root canal done not only helps in relieving you of pain, but it also helps your teeth. A root canal is performed when there is an infected tooth, and the decay has to be removed before it gets any worse. Dr. Hogan begins your root canal by drilling into the infected tooth, and removing the pulp. When the tooth is infected, it also infects the pulp of the tooth, causing it to inflame. Once the pulp is removed, the doctor will fill the tooth with a tooth-colored filling, and top it off with a crown to prevent any further damage. In the end, you’re left feeling relieved and in better oral health!

When you leave your teeth infected, not only can the matter get worse, but it can affect you in other areas of your body. By delaying a root canal, the bacteria affecting your teeth can enter your blood stream, possibly causing harm to the rest of your body. It’s better to take care of your oral issues sooner rather than later before it gets any worse! If you’re interested in how Dr. Hogan can help you by performing a root canal, contact our office and make an appointment!

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