Did You Recently Lose Teeth? Here’s Why You Need Replacements Fast

Did You Recently Lose Teeth? Here’s Why You Need Replacements Fast

April 8, 2019

Patients who lose a single tooth or a small span often wonder whether they really need to worry about replacement, especially if those teeth are far enough in back to be invisible during a smile. The fact is, your smile still changes permanently if you leave missing teeth unaddressed, even if the gap wasn’t visible in your smile when it first happened. That’s because teeth shift over time, moving to take advantage of the new space in your jaw. The result can be gaps between the remaining teeth or even misalignment leading to malocclusion.

Dental Implants for Speedy Replacement Teeth

Your dentist recommends implants to patients who are candidates, as does the dental community at large. That’s because implants are the only option designed to be totally permanent, and they are also the only option that is known to stand up to any foods, so you don’t have to change your lifestyle to accommodate your new teeth. This is possible because implants use titanium anchors for a strong support structure that stimulates jaw tissue like natural teeth.

As a result, implants feel more natural than other options while having fewer side-effects. If you are hurt and your replacement teeth are damaged, it is often possible to just replace them without having to place a new implant. In fact, implants are designed to work that way on the rare occasion they do need repair. Additional advantages of implants aren’t hard to find.

  • Easy to care for
  • Vibrant smiles from stunning porcelain replacement teeth
  • Preserve your natural smile with replacements modeled after your originals
  • Fast recovery times

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