Dental Care Technology For Better Patient Care

Dental Care Technology For Better Patient Care

April 5, 2013

At Park West Dental Associates, we are always striving to make the dental experience as pleasant as possible for our patients. We use innovations in dental care technology to help make our office even more welcoming and convenient for you.

With dental care technology such as intraoral cameras, digital x-rays and paperless charting, your appointment will run smoother than before. With intraoral cameras and digital x-rays, we can learn more about your smile faster than ever before. Digital x-rays emit far less radiation than traditional methods, and our commitment to paperless charting has helped the environment through our reduced use of paper.

Also, we use air abrasion in our office, which most patients find to be a more pleasant alternative to a dental drill. Air abrasion blows a stream of small particles at the tooth, almost like a mini sandblaster. If you’re nervous about drills, this could be comforting to you. Lasers can also be used to increase the accuracy and detail of our dental work, as well as reduce the healing time. One specific laser, DIAGNOdent, can even be used to detect cavities far earlier than any other method.

Dr. Kevin Hogan and his staff want you to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience every time you visit. Dental care technology is a great way to help improve the quality of care that we provide, as well as improve the patient experience. Call us today to schedule your next appointment and see the benefits for yourself.

At Park West Dental Associates, Dr. Kevin Hogan provides quality comprehensive dental care to you and your family. Our Mt. Pleasant, SC dental office serves patients from Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Daniel Island, and West Ashley. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.

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