Brighten Your Summer with Teeth Whitening!

Brighten Your Summer with Teeth Whitening!

July 16, 2014

Now that summer is here, many people are making a concerted effort to looking as great as they can for the summer season. Many people are frequenting the gym more often, while others may opt to have their hair and nails done. Either way, there is no doubt you will be meeting many new people and reconnecting with old friends and family this season, and people want to make sure they look perfect no matter what. What people may be overlooking, however, are their smiles. If you have a dull smile, you may find it difficult to make the lasting impression you want, and Dr. Kevin Hogan understands that. Because of this, he offers teeth whitening to his patients who want to achieve that perfect, dazzling smile!

The way that Dr. Hogan is able to whiten the smiles of his patients is by using Kör Whitening. This amazing, effective deep bleaching system is able to whiten your smile with ease and brilliance. Kör is the only recognized teeth whitening system in the world that is able to remove stains caused by tetracycline, which was previously thought to be impossible! Another wonderful thing about the Kör Whitening system is the fact that the patients that have used this form of teeth whitening experience little to no tooth sensitivity! Safe for patients from 14 to 90, the Kör Whitening system is an amazing choice if you want to make your smile radiant!

Dr. Hogan is also able to offer his patients Zoom! Whitening as an option to whitening their smiles. Zoom! is able to whiten your smile in a single appointment, and works via a specially-formulated gel activated by a low-heat light. Also, if you want to gradually whiten your smile, Dr. Hogan also offers at-home whitening for his patients. This is a very convenient option for many of our patients, and we will supply you with whitening gel as well as custom made whitening trays. No matter how you want to whiten your smile, Dr. Hogan and the entire Park West team is here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

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