Are You In Need Of Sedation Dentistry?

Are You In Need Of Sedation Dentistry?

January 2, 2020

Sedation Dentistry
Advancements in sedation dentistry have made it possible for patient’s who suffer from dental anxiety to have access to dental treatment through the use of sedation. There are various reasons why a patient would qualify for sedation treatment. If you suffer from dental anxiety and especially if it has kept, you from seeking dental treatment then sedation dentistry would be beneficial for you. To learn more about three signs you may need or benefit from sedation dentistry please review these signs discussed below:

3 Signs You May Need Sedation Dentistry


  1. Low Pain Tolerance
    If you have low pain tolerance, then it may keep you from seeking out different types of services that your dentist offers. Although, the majority of dental treatments do not cause major pain if you have a low tolerance to pain there are sedation options available to relieve you of this fear.


  1. Anxiety
    As mentioned above if you suffer from dental anxiety then you would benefit from sedation dentistry. This is because the sedation can be used to relax you and calm your nerves so that you can receive treatment. Also, there are various types of sedation depending on your need.


  1. Complex Dental Procedures
    If you have to have a complex dental procedure done this involves getting dental implants, removing wisdom teeth, or filling in a cavity then it would be beneficial to utilize sedation. In these types of procedures, the sedation makes the process more comfortable for the patient.


Schedule Your Consultation
If you exhibit any of the three signs above or all of them it would be beneficial if you reached out to our office to set up a consultation. Doing so would be beneficial and allow you to have a consult with our doctor where they go over all of our sedation options with you to find the option that best fits you.

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