A Personalized Plan for Your Smile with Full-Mouth Reconstruction

A Personalized Plan for Your Smile with Full-Mouth Reconstruction

September 7, 2012

Recently, on our blog, we highlighted some of the restorative dentistry services you’ll find at Dr. Kevin Hogan’s dental office in Mt. Pleasant. One service that we haven’t mentioned yet is full-mouth reconstruction.

What Is a Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

A full-mouth reconstruction combines restorative and cosmetic services to give you the personalized care you need to rejuvenate your smile.  So, what would that look like?
Depending on your needs, your full-mouth reconstruction might combine services like periodontal therapy, teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain crowns, and dentures and partials over the course of several visits, with each visit bringing you closer and closer to your goal.

Getting Started

Your road to a more beautiful and functional smile begins with you calling Dr. Hogan’s Mt. Pleasant dental office to schedule a consultation visit. During your consultation, Dr. Hogan will closely examine your smile and explain all your options. You’ll also have time to voice any questions you might have about the services we recommend—we don’t want you to leave our office with any unanswered questions on your mind.

Once Dr. Hogan and his Mt. Pleasant team have created your treatment plan, it’s just a matter of putting it into action. This can take one or more visits depending on your individual needs and the services we’ve included in your plan.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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