4 Things That Can Happen After Sleep Apnea is Treated

4 Things That Can Happen After Sleep Apnea is Treated

January 19, 2017

You are constantly exhausted, falling asleep throughout the day and never feeling like you get enough rest. You are having issues at home and at work, where you are left unable to fulfill your responsibilities because of the mental and physical effects of the fatigue you deal with every day. If this sounds at all like you, you may have undiagnosed sleep apnea. Consider the following ways your life can transform if you choose to treat your apnea.

1. You Finally Feel Rested

One of the first things patients notice once they begin treatment is how rested they feel. It is a new experience that can invigorate their lives and give them a new sense of hope. Every day becomes more than just a game of survival and making it from task to task.

2. You Lose Weight

Getting the proper amount of sleep has long been connected with maintaining a healthy weight. When patients with sleep apnea undergo treatment and finally start getting the rest they need, their bodies are no longer in crisis mode. This allows the body to release extra weight instead of packing it on.

3. Your Relationships Improve

A devastating part of sleep apnea is the effect it can have on your relationships with the important people in your life. You may finally be able to have the energy to hang out with friends, or to help your spouse tend to and play with your children.

4. You Can Work Again

Instead of just doing the minimum at work to get by, you may finally have the energy you need to take your assignments by the horns and do an exceptional job. Not only will you be pleased with your accomplishments, your boss may reward you for your efforts.

While each of these instances are hypothetical, many patients experience these life improvements once they receive treatment for their sleep apnea. Contact Dr. Kevin Hogan at Exceptional Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment for evaluation.

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